Our vendors change lives.

We find the best vendors that reflect the same values and standards we hold ourselves to so we can proudly recommend them to our community.

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A Wellist user found love using one of our vendors

Here's an example of an actual email we received (with contact information and names changed) that is a testament to the amazing work our community of vendors do:

The core values of a Wellist vendor

When vetting our vendors, we not only look for accurate and complete information. We also seek out those vendors that stand out in their commitment to improving the lives of patients and caregivers. Being listed on Wellist and recommended to the people using Wellist is an important responsibility and we have immense respect for the vendors in our community that take it upon themselves to be available for our users.

That is why we work to find vendors for our community that match the same values that we hold ourselves to, listed below. If your service is not yet listed on Wellist and has the 5 qualities of a Wellist vendor, we'd love for you to join our community. Click below to learn how:

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Brings an upbeat "can-do" attitude and creative new ideas to help make life easier for our community members and partners.


Understands others' experiences and emotions. Acts with kindness, compassion, and respect.


Takes accountability for helping others reach their potential. Meets our community where they are to give them the resources to make their lives easier.


Does what is right. Speaks truthfully, acts with integrity and follows through on all commitments.


Flexible with the ability to adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with complexity and change.

Why join the Wellist community?

Being a vendor in the Wellist community means a lot of different things. Here are some benefits that our vendors enjoy:

Improving the health outcomes of patients. A stronger connection to the community. Making the lives of nurses, caregivers, doctors, and hospital care teams easier. Helping to reduce readmission rates for patients. Collaborating with our team to create events, workshops, and fundraisers for important causes. Reaching an audience of people who did not know your resource existed, at no cost. Helping someone find love.

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