Help improve the lives of patients and caregivers with the Wellist Pledge.

Reduce the financial burden on patients and caregivers by taking the Wellist Pledge.

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About the Wellist Pledge

As a member of the Wellist vendor community, you’ve been recognized as an outstanding service for patients and caregivers.

Many of our vendors have asked what else they can do to stand out as a service that makes patients' lives easier.

That's why we created the Wellist Pledge.

The Wellist Pledge is a promise to the millions of patients and caregivers that you are sympathetic to what they are going through. By taking the Wellist Pledge, vendors make patients’ and caregivers’ lives easier by offering a discount when your service is booked through Wellist.

Taking the Wellist Pledge not only gives you the satisfaction of helping patients and their families, but also comes with benefits, including a 'thank you' package from Wellist.

There are over 350 vendors offering discounts on Wellist. Join them to grow that community.

Here are just some of the vendors on Wellist that offer reduced pricing options for Wellist users. Take the Wellist Pledge for your chance to be featured as a services committed to helping people in need.

Taking the Wellist Pledge is easy

Just fill out the form and we'll finalize the discount with you. We'll also send you the 'thank you' package, including a media kit demonstrating your commitment and stories that our users have shared about your service.

Questions? Feel free to ask our Vendor Analyst team by email or phone.
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