June 6, 2017
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Wellist Adds New Service Offerings to Improve Patient Satisfaction, Outcomes, and Loyalty

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Wellist Adds New Service Offerings to Improve Patient Satisfaction,

Outcomes, and Loyalty

BOSTON, MA – July 13, 2016 Wellist, a provider of digital health tools, today announced an expanded offering for hospitals and insurers called Integrated Patient Experience Solutions. This offering includes patient experience assessment and analytics, in-person hospital concierges, call center navigators, digital solutions for nonclinical needs, and tools to connect patients and their families to communities of Support.

“Our healthcare system has great tools for delivering cutting-edge medicine but there are very limited tools for clinicians to deliver the entire spectrum of compassionate care,” said Ashley Reid, founder and CEO of Wellist. “They’re looking for ways to improve the patient experience and ways to improve health outcomes.”

While many healthcare companies continue to invest in programs attempting to improve the patient experience, Wellist has uncovered a significant gap between patients’ reported needs and their actual behavior. For example, partners frequently assume that patients are primarily seeking logistical support such as transportation and lodging, however, they are far more likely to request “quality of life” services such as acupuncture, support groups and meal delivery.

“Healthcare partners are recognizing the importance of the entire patient experience and its impact on health outcomes—most significantly, the importance of unmet social social needs,” explains Christina Miller, a Wellist angel investor and principal at Norwest Equity Partners, a Minneapolis-based equity investment firm. “Wellist’s experience with top providers including Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and Beth Israel Medical Center gives them unique insight into what matters most to Patients.”

“Our relationship with Wellist is another way we distinguish MGH Cancer Center as a leader in patient-centered care as not only can we provide cutting edge medicine, but also the tools to ensure that all of our patients' needs outside of the hospital can be met,” said Steve Herskovitz, Director of Marketing, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

Based on the unique demographics of each client’s population, Wellist creates a customized directory that addresses human needs across all touch points. Wellist’s Integrated Patient Experience Solutions will help to facilitate the many critical measures that hospitals, insurers and other healthcare providers need to take in order to improve patient satisfaction, outcomes and loyalty.

About Wellist

Wellist provides healthcare clients with the insights, analytics and tools they need to address the whole patient and their non-clinical and unmet social needs. By improving patient experiences, Wellist is helping to increase patient satisfaction, impact outcomes and build loyalty. Launched in 2015 in Boston, MA, Wellist is proud to include the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, among its clients.

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