Little things make a big impact.

Wellist gives healthcare clients the insights and tools they need to address actual human needs, resulting in improved patient satisfaction, outcomes and loyalty.


Wellist helps healthcare leaders establish long-term differentiation by providing tools to help the whole patient.

  • Tools to connect families to communities of support
  • Digital solutions for non-clinical needs
  • In-person concierges
  • Call center navigators
  • Patient experience assessment
  • Proprietary data and analytics


Positive patient experience drives loyalty.

66% of the top nine loyalty drivers for specialists are related to experience.

Percentage of top nine loyalty drivers for specialists that are related to experience (rather than cost or clinical quality).

(Source: The Advisory Board Company)
target specific needs

Patient experiences assessment to identify specific needs

take care of your patients holistically

Customized program to showcase your holistic commitment to serving patients

improve outcomes and patient satisfaction

Digital health tools to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction

collect and analyze unique data on non-clinical needs

Unique data on patients' non-clinical needs

“Ensuring that patients have access to the non-clinical support that they need is a top priority for health care providers committed to patient well being. Our relationship with Wellist is another way we distinguish MGH Cancer Center as a leader in patient-centered care as not only can we provide cutting edge medicine, but also the tools to ensure that all of our patients needs outside of the hospital can be met.”

- STEVE HERSKOVITZ, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
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