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Wellist is hiring in Boston and Pittsburgh, explore the open positions below.

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We are a growing team united by a driving passion to improve the lives of patients and their families

We reach people in what is often their most difficult or vulnerable time: facing an illness or caring for someone who is. We therefore have an incredible responsibility to deliver our solutions with excellence. We believe that empathy, knowledge and trust can conquer uncertainty and fear. We believe in connecting people to exactly what they need and not trying to overwhelm them with what they don’t. 

To us, our members are not patients recovering from an illness; they're mothers, fathers, friends, and family who need understanding and guidance. 

We believe that the best technology is built on a foundation of kindness.

Our team is comprised of people who have a connection to the mission of Wellist. Whether through a friend, family member, or their own experience, each teammate has experienced the difficulty associated with a serious illness and the frustration at the barriers to getting well. 

Do Good with Great People.

At Wellist, we're building tech solutions to help improve the lives of patients and caregivers.

Every task that was simple before a chronic illness such as cancer – doing your laundry, getting around town, cooking meals – can become seemingly insurmountable in times of a health challenge.

The Wellist solution is a free, online resource that will take logistical burdens off the shoulders of patients and their caregivers, and allow them to focus on getting better. Wellist also includes a gift registry (what we call a "Wellistry") to ease the financial burden of chronic illness.

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Working at Wellist

At Wellist, we come to work every day to make life easier for patients and their families. We live by our brand values, REETA (Refreshing, Empathetic, Empowering, Trustworthy, and Adaptable). We’re dedicated because we believe in what we’re doing. Our team is supportive, passionate and eclectic. Respect and appreciation are the guiding principles behind our work culture and we strive every day to both learn from and teach our teammates.

A career at Wellist gives you

An educational and collaborative environment

Wellist provides a great environment to grow, teach, and excel, while working together as part of a cohesive and supportive team.

A clear and meaningful mission

Strong company values allow you to contribute to something truly meaningful to millions of people.

A chance to connect with the community

We regularly volunteer and work with local groups like Girl Develop It and Resilient Coders.

A diverse workplace

Work with a diverse and gender-balanced team.

An excellent health care plan

We practice what we preach.

To us, working is all about making a difference in our peoples' lives – a real, honest, tangible, difference. At the intersection of data-driven insights and human compassion, Wellist helps healthcare leaders meaningfully improve patient satisfaction, outcomes and loyalty. 

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Make a world of difference at Wellist

"I tangled around the web and never came up with the perfect selections you have given me. I can't thank you enough for all your help. I think every one of them would be an excellent fit."

"I've been so worried about finding a way to pay for some of these bills that keep coming, especially now that I've found the cancer has spread. I'm just too tired to do it all alone. Thanks for helping me, finding these services is such a relief."

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